Elf Balloon Wrap


We can wrap your Elf all year round!

When you need to do something special with "Elf" for 

Birthdays, Arrival, Departure or anything else  bring in your Elf or Elves to get "Wrapped up!"


*Balloon Wrap Service

*Decorator Balloons & Ribbons

*Black Bag for Secret Transport

*Price includes wrapping up to 3 Elves in one balloon    

Elf Wrap Tips

*Make sure Elf is dressed and the hat is fully secured!

*Elf is suspended with fishing line, not in a fixed position. This makes each wrap unique!

*Elf wrap will last 7-10 days!

*Elf Wrap can be hung by the ribbons attached or set into a bowl. We do offer display trays for $0.50 . 

*Add one of our goodie bags for $3.00 or $5.00.... we have them made up for your convenience.

 Or make your own goodie bag from our Elf Treat Station!

*We can add outside treats, they just have to fit in our cellophane goodie bag!

Please check out our Facebook page for all up to date information regarding Elf Balloon Wraps.     


Standard Elf Wrap



Deluxe Elf Wrap


Choice of 18" Mylar or 14" Mini Character Mylar on top.