Balloon Inflation Services

You ordered balloons online & receive them...FLAT of how are you going to get them inflated for your event!?

YES! We can help you out!

Here are a few details for bringing in balloons you purchased online or somewhere else for our Balloon Inflation Services.

  •  We can fill  Latex 11” to 36”, Mylars 18” to Super Shapes & Airwalkers with helium.
  • There is a fee charged per balloon. The fee depends on the type of balloon. When calling in for price quotes on fills, please be sure to know what type and size balloons you need quoted for. If you are not sure of the size and type, please bring the balloons in to be looked at so you can be properly quoted.
  • Our inflation service includes the helium fill and ribbon. 
  • Arrangement, weights and bagging of balloons is available for an additional fee. Please mention when ordering that you will need these items.
  • Balloons can be defective. Slow leaks, pin holes, rips, breakages and pops. Unfortunately, we may not be aware of these conditions until we begin to fill the balloon. Therefore if there is an issue after inflation, the inflation service fee still applies. 
  • If you have extra balloons that you decided not to get filled, we may ask for them to be left with the order in case of any issues we can then replace them with your matching balloons. Any of your extra balloons not used will be returned to you.
  • To make sure that we are able to service all customers, we do require that the balloons be brought in and ordered at least 2 days in advance of desired pick up date and time.
  • Please note that if you order a package deal and it contains a "letter banner" that needs filled, please check the size of it. If it is a 16" mylar balloon letter or number these balloons do not get filled with helium. They get filled with air and do not float. They can be strung with ribbon to hang from a ceiling, table, etc. We can fill with air and strand on ribbons for you for a fee.